[September 4, 2011] Two additional QuickStart Course lessons (Module 5 is done!)

[September 4, 2011] Two additional QuickStart Course lessons (Module 5 is done!)

Two additional QuickStart Course lessons posted

I’ve completed work on two more QuickStart Course lessons totaling 57 minutes.

The first one teaches how the Fill tool and Label tools work. Many variations of usage are studied.

The second one explores the Layout Book, where you create and assemble your layout sheets for construction documents. It explains how to customize the Master Layouts (where the title block is set up) as well as how to bring in Views as Drawings onto the layout sheets, adjust their cropping outlines, and align them to each other.

As usual, these QuickStart lessons are intended for newer users, but will probably still be of interest to veterans since I include various tips and shortcuts.

Please add your comments and questions below the videos – I’m always very happy to read them and respond.


P.S. This finishes up module 5! Now I’ll move on to Module 6 and Module 7 – then the QuickStart Course will be complete and I’ll resume work on the main Best Practices Course lessons. I’m aiming to finish up the QuickStart within the next week, and the entire course by the end of November.


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