[Sept. 26, 2011] Coaching call tomorrow, QuickStart Course has launched

[Sept. 26, 2011] Coaching call tomorrow, QuickStart Course has launched

Reminder: Next Coaching Call in 26 hours; QuickStart Course launches

Today’s email is mainly a reminder for this week’s coaching call, and an update on the QuickStart Course.


Last Thursday’s call was a particularly good one. I have just posted it in the member area:

There is one more coaching call in September – tomorrow, about 26 hours from now:

In case you haven’t been on a coaching call before – don’t hesitate – it’s fun and you’ll likely learn a few new things… or learn a lot…it depends… And it’s included in your course membership. If you can’t make it, a recording of each 90 minute session will be viewable in the member area within a day or two after the session.

Please send in your questions and suggestions for topics to questions@acbestpractices.com. You may also ask questions during the call by typing into the Questions box in the GoToWebinar floating palette. When I take your question, your audio connection will be “unmuted”.

To avoid audio issues, if you’d like to ask a question, it’s best if you either call in by phone (numbers for many countries are available) or use a separate microphone and headset rather than the built-in set in your laptop. However, if you’d just like to listen, you may do so simply by listening through your computer speakers.


The QuickStart Course is now available for $197 through the Best Practices Course website, with an introductory price through October of $147. (Note that all current members of the Best Practices Course have permanent access to the QuickStart materials – you do not have to buy the new product.)

If you have any friends or colleagues who might find the QuickStart Course useful, please send them this link:

Of special note: the fees for QuickStart may be applied later towards registration for the complete Best Practices Course. So this can be seen as a “down payment” on the full course, and as a way to get started with my training videos for a small investment.

And as I’ve noted before, the QuickStart Course is ideal for newer users to get started quickly, but it’s also a good refresher course for intermediate and experienced users who want to go back through the basics to make sure they really understand them as well as possible.

Finally, as I mentioned twice last week, I have set up a page for general comments on the course – if you have watched some or all of the videos, and liked them, please post something here:

I’ll have more news later this week about the Best Practices Course – I’ll talk with you again soon!


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