[Sept. 21, 2011] Coaching call reminder, QuickStart Course request for comments

[Sept. 21, 2011] Coaching call reminder, QuickStart Course request for comments

Reminder: Next Coaching Call in 33 hours; QuickStart Course request for comments

Today’s email is mainly a reminder for this week’s coaching call, and a quick restatement of what’s happening with the QuickStart Course. I’m also asking again for your help – if you’ve enjoyed the QuickStart Course, please add your comments to the website page.


In case you haven’t been on a coaching call before – don’t hesitate – it’s fun and you’ll likely learn a few new things… or learn a lot…it depends… And it’s included in your course membership. If you can’t make it, a recording of each 90 minute session will be viewable in the member area within a day or two after the session.

The remaining coaching calls in September are on the following dates:

Please send in your questions and suggestions for topics to questions@acbestpractices.com. You may also ask questions during the call by typing into the Questions box in the GoToWebinar floating palette. When I take your question, your audio connection will be “unmuted”.

To avoid audio issues, if you’d like to ask a question, it’s best if you either call in by phone (numbers for many countries are available) or use a separate microphone and headset rather than the built-in set in your laptop. However, if you’d just like to listen, you may do so simply by listening through your computer speakers.


I’m delighted to announce that the QuickStart Course has been completed! The QuickStart Course is comprised of 7 modules with 29 individual lessons totaling over 13 hours of material.

Starting September 22, the QuickStart Course will be sold as a separate product for $197 through the Best Practices Course website, with an introductory price through October of $147. (Note that all current members of the Best Practices Course will have permanent access to the QuickStart materials – you do not have to buy the new product.)

I have created a website page to collect comments on the QuickStart Course that may be used as part of the promotional campaign.

*** If you have watched some or all of the QuickStart Course materials, and found them useful, I’d appreciate if you would visit this page as soon as possible and post a comment:


I am particularly interested in the following (any or all of these would be great – or just write whatever you feel you’d like to contribute):

General statements about the QuickStart Course – what you feel you have gotten out of it, how useful it is, would you recommend it

Favorite lessons and take-aways – which modules or lessons were your favorite, and why; what this means or will mean to you as you use ArchiCAD in practice

Has the QuickStart Course been a catalyst or a resource that has allowed you or a colleague to actually get started using ArchiCAD successfully


I am now about to resume production of the main Best Practices Course lessons, continuing on with Week #10. It has been a long while since Week #9, and I apologize for the delay. I’ll be doing my best to create great training materials this fall that will be worth the wait!


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