[September 13, 2011] QuickStart Course news & Coaching Call reminder

[September 13, 2011] QuickStart Course news & Coaching Call reminder

Two more QuickStart Course Lessons +Next Coaching Call in 36 hours

I’m almost done with the final QuickStart Course lessons!

I just finished up two lessons totaling 68 minutes focused on interior elevations and site modeling:

Please add your comments and questions on the lesson pages – I’m always very happy to read them and respond.

I have one more QuickStart Course lesson to do – Schedules and Indexes! Right after that I’ll get back to developing the main Best Practices Course lessons, resuming with Week 10, the Guiding Principles of ArchiCAD’s Structure…


Reminder – the next coaching call will be this Wednesday September 14 at 1 pm Pacific Time (about 36 hours from now. Please send in your ArchiCAD questions so I have a healthy list to work through during the call!

Register for the coaching call here: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/119389786

In case you haven’t been on a coaching call before – don’t hesitate – it’s fun and you’ll likely learn a few new things… or learn a lot…it depends… And it’s included in your course membership. If you can’t make it, the 90 minute session will be viewable in the member area within a day or two after the session.


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