[October 11, 2011] More lessons posted; New website updates; Coaching call reminder…tomorrow 1 pm U.S. Pacific Time

[October 11, 2011] More lessons posted; New website updates; Coaching call reminder…tomorrow 1 pm U.S. Pacific Time

I have now completed all three parts of Week #10, a total of one hour and 22 minutes of fresh new material for your viewing pleasure.

This set of lessons focuses on how to apply some of what I consider guiding principles in ArchiCAD: modeling better so that you can draw less in 2D, progressive refinement of your design using simple forms that get more detailed over time, and understanding how to record your design intent using proper referencing and anchoring.

I love to get your feedback – please post a comment on the lesson page, or send me an email!

I will now move on to the lessons for Week #11, looking at approaches to preliminary design. Because I will be attending a conference for several days, I will aim to have this ready early next week.


Occasionally a course member will send me an email saying that they haven’t received emails from me recently. This may be a serious problem, since in some cases it appears that numerous emails were sent out but never reached their destination.

To deal with the immediate issue – helping course members to stay informed and see what’s happening with the course, and know about upcoming coaching calls, I have started posting course emails as blog posts on the course website:

You will also find this archive page listed in the website navigation menu under Extras > Course Member Email Archive.

In addition, I have created a page with the coaching call schedule, that you’ll find under the coaching call menu on the site.

If you haven’t heard from me in more than a week, check out the email archive to see if you missed receiving something. Let me know if this happens, so I can work with you to try to figure this out.


The October schedule for Best Practices Course coaching calls is:

Please send in your questions for the calls to questions@acbestpractices.com, or you may type them into the Questions panel in the GoToWebinar palette during the session.

Remember – I consider ALL questions to be good questions – whether beginner or advanced, simple or complex. As far as I’m concerned, the only “bad” question is the one that is not asked…

You may watch sessions on your computer and simply listen through your computer speakers. However, If you’d like to talk with me during the call while I address your questions, please call in via phone (call-in numbers for many countries are provided) or use a headset on your computer – the built-in microphone and speaker often cause feedback issues. If you don’t use a headset regularly, I suggest you test yours out using Skype or a similar service before the coaching call to make sure you have the settings working properly.

If you can’t attend live, you’ll be able to watch the recording in the member area later.

I’ll be back in touch soon with more course news.

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