[July 26, 2011] Next coaching call tomorrow (<20 hours from now)

[July 26, 2011] Next coaching call tomorrow (<20 hours from now)

Coaching Call tomorrow – less than 20 hours from now Repeat: 2 new QuickStart lessons & coaching call posted

The next Best Practices Course coaching call is scheduled for tomorrow:

You may send in your questions and topic requests ahead of time to questions@acbestpractices.com, or type them into the questions chat panel during the session.

You may watch the session on your computer and simply listen through your computer speakers. However, If you’d like to talk with me during the call while I address your questions, please call in via phone (call-in numbers for many countries are provided) or use a headset on your computer – the built-in microphone and speaker often cause feedback issues. If you don’t use a headset regularly, I suggest you test yours out using Skype or a similar service before the coaching call to make sure you have the settings working properly.


There seemed to be a problem with delivery for my email this past weekend for some course members, so I’m repeating the notices.

I have finished up Module 2 of the QuickStart Course with two new lessons totaling 37 minutes of material. You will find these videos on the course website under the QuickStart Course menu.

I plan to continue developing the QuickStart Course as my main focus over the next few weeks so that it can be completed by mid-August. At that point, I’ll shift my focus back to the main Best Practices Course, resuming at Week #10.

I also have posted the latest coaching call from last Thursday July 21. This one hour 25 minute training covered some interesting topics, including a lengthy exploration of how to use Solid Element Operations to carve a path or parking area into a terrain mesh model. You’ll find this coaching call on this page:

Coaching Call – July 21, 2011

Thank you all for your patience as I get back into course production. I am feeling strong again, and getting out for walks almost every day. I am enjoying life once again, and look forward to the work ahead and my connection with all of you who are part of the Best Practices Course community.


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