[July 21, 2011] Coaching call in 16 hours!

[July 21, 2011] Coaching call in 16 hours!

Coaching call reminder – next call in 16 hours

Our next coaching call will be in about 16 hours, at 5 pm Pacific Time on Thursday July 21. Please register and join us if you can.
Register for the call here:

I apologize for the late reminder – although I announced the call schedule in an email last week, I usually send a notice with the actual link for registration a couple of days ahead. I was tied up getting MasterTemplate finished up, then needed to focus on what may be my last user group meeting in L.A., which was held earlier this evening with about 30 people in attendance.

This will be the first coaching call for some of you. Welcome!

You may send in your questions and topic requests ahead of time to questions@acbestpractices.com, or type them into the questions chat panel during the session.

You may watch the session on your computer and simply listen through your computer speakers. However, If you’d like to talk with me during the call while I address your questions, please call in via phone (call-in numbers for many countries are provided) or use a headset on your computer – the built-in microphone and speaker often cause feedback issues.


Here are the scheduled July coaching calls:

All calls are 90 minutes or more in length. They are recorded and posted in the members area within a day or two following the session.

If you have any questions (either for me to answer on the call, or in general about the course or the logistics of connecting to the session, or about anything else related to ArchiCAD), please email me at questions@acbestpractices.com


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