Eric Bobrow, ArchiCAD Training ExpertArchiCAD Training for Users from Around the World

The Best Practices Course is a resource for all ArchiCAD users world-wide. There are members from at least 49 different countries, creating a virtual “United Nations of ArchiCAD.” On some of the ArchiCAD Coaching Calls we’ve had live attendance from people on 5 continents (North America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia, as I recall), and increasingly members from the sixth populated continent, South America, are participating as well.

To spread the word about the course, we have contracted the services of a specialized marketing company that focuses on multi-lingual search engine optimization. With their help, we have created special “Welcome” pages for Spanish, French and German speakers:

At this point, the main course website remains fully in English, however we have an active project underway to translate it all into Spanish – you’ll find more information on this on our new Spanish-language website: