Course Reviews | 1

Course Reviews | 1

The Best Practices Course started in early December 2010 and has received rave reviews for its ArchiCAD tutorials from over 280 members. Here is a selection of some of the most interesting:

As a veteran ArchiCAD user, and one time ArchiCAD Reseller… I am very impressed by your high standard of presentation, the quality of the Course content this far and your easy to understand manner of delivery. I would recommend that all “novice” ArchiCAD users get on board with Eric as soon as possible.

Bruce Brunton, Australia

Even after using ArchiCAD for several years now, and being a regular subscription member for both ArchiPLUS and LearnVirtual, I still typically find something in each of your discussions and articles, and especially your MasterTemplate, I didn’t know, or a better way of doing things.

You have a knack for teaching as you are very good at what you do, patient and very clear in your presentation.
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the course material!

Chris Sparks, United Kingdom

I have been a fan of yours since you launched MasterTemplate 12. I am self-taught, but continue to try to learn all I can about ArchiCAD. I learned tons just from purchasing and reviewing MasterTemplate. I incorporated MasterTemplate into my designs and have stuck with it ever since. That got me hooked and have since been following you and your “life transition”. Lucky for us you decided to do this. I have watched all of your online videos prior to this tutorial and, after watching the first videos of the Best Practices Course, I can’t wait for next weeks course. You keep me motivated to continue learning, designing and trying your tips. I wish I could go back a few years and apply what I have learned from you. Life would have been much easier!

Kelly Cole

Really looking forward to this. You are the master of easy explanations. I expect my work to speed up (and possibly tidy up) over the coming weeks as I soak up these best practices and build them into my workflow.

Chris Sinkinson, United Kingdom

An inspiring first look at what to expect from the “Master of Templates”. Building the “Seven Keys” along the “top down”, “general to specific”, approach you’ve admonished user’s to embrace, is very clever, as well as referring to and presenting the “why and how” MasterTemplate was developed.

The template approach to ArchiCAD you advocate could make everyday work almost intuitive. MasterTemplate is a great teaching tool all by itself and, for those who own it, will provide an excellent core to hang the “how to’s” on. Taken together, this could be the final “over the top” learning experience.

R. Bruce Germond

Well done Eric. Your videos are well organized and clearly thought out. As always, I learned something new just watching you explain things while working in ArchiCAD. I look forward to the coming weeks as you develop the Best Practices Course.

Rick Newton, Los Angeles CA

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