Course Reviews | 4

Thumbs Up for the Course!
Course Reviews | 4

A selection of some of the most interesting comments by course members:

Sometimes the biggest effort is to find the logic keys of what you’re facing. Once you understand it you can go on and succeed. Eric shows where to find the 7 keys. Good job Eric.

Antonio Tort, Lugo Spain

Getting ArchiCAD out of the box was exciting – you can launch straight into modeling, you can do the online tutorials. However, I would have saved a lot of time if there had been a clear and concise tutorial like yours on the best practices and the overriding principles of ArchiCAD, to put some better order into things.

Greg Butler, Australia

Your video tips are great. I always thought to use this but didn’t want to spend time learning about it… Your video gives me not only knowledge but “courage” to continue exploring ArchiCAD in depth. Thanks a lot, you are doing a great service to all of us.

Adriana Magalini

Eric I have just watched your new ArchiCAD tutorial – you are the best and just amazing my friend – bravo.

Takis Apostolides, Cyprus

I just wanted to say thank you again for the Best Practices training course I recently took from you. As you very well know, ArchiCAD is an enormous program and it can be overwhelming at times trying to decide where to focus your training. And, the Graphisoft documentation often leaves much to be desired.

What I loved about your course was the comprehensive nature of the material and the clear way you organized it. And, you are a great teacher. I really appreciated how clear, patient, and enthusiastic you were. It really made the experience enjoyable.

Your discussion of such topics as interactive schedules, setting up multi building projects, using the mesh tool, redlines and markups, and creating complex profiles were extremely helpful and have greatly increased my ArchiCAD skills.

Thank you again for such a powerful experience. I will be looking forward to the next one.

Bruce Karish, Los Angeles CA

The best practices course was very valuable for me on several levels. As a sole practitioner I need to have efficient modeling and drafting tools to streamline the documents process. During the two-day course I learned how to use several very important documentation tools.

I wasn’t even aware of the Save Current View in the View Map. Instead of having to carefully set up layer combinations, one can set the layers ‘on the fly’ that show a particular view, save that view then drag to the layout window for publishing. A powerful time saver!

The Solid Elements Operation is the tool I will be coming back to over and over. Rather than depending on the office work-around of using fills to cover elements that often will not heal seamlessly in section, SEO effortlessly gives the drawings a resolved, finished look. I am now using it in a current project with wonderful results. This tool, available for several versions of ArchiCAD, was right in front of me everyday and I didn’t know it.

Eric also demonstrated how the mark-up tools can provide a disciplined framework for communicating and organizing the revision process throughout the life of a project. In my practice this will be an invaluable tool in helping to manage the electronic paper trail critical to communicating project changes with consultants and owners.

There were many ‘aha’ moments throughout the course form the general (virtual trace) to the particular (how to show roof overhang outlines on the story below). Eric simplified a very complex piece of software and successfully communicated his knowledge in a language architects understand.

Jeffrey Smalley, Los Angeles CA

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