Course Reviews | 3

Course Reviews | 3

More praise from members of the Best Practices Course for great ArchiCAD video tutorials:

Eric, I look forward to learning as much as I can though your new video presentations. I like the big idea the most of a community that you create…

When I see other architects work it is both inspirational and with a community I could then ask how to go about achieving something already modeled. You are on to something big with the video lessons and the community, look forward to the development of this idea.

Andrew Passacantando, Patterson NJ

I kept putting this off for years. Why? Ignorance. Seeing the task completed on video magnified its simplicity. I will begin implementing tomorrow.

Tyler Buffett, San Diego CA

You rock!

Mary Catherine Martin, Atlanta GA

I trust Eric’s understanding of the program and his teaching approach is effective and easy to follow.

Richard Gemigniani, Los Angeles CA

I thought it was great… I am English so I cannot reach Mary’s giddy heights of praise but – Jolly Good Show Eric!

Toby Rollason, UK

Eric’s tips and tricks are a great learning experience and reference tool. Eric has a way of explaining something clearly enough that you can actually replicate the execution and attain the desired result. I’m looking forward to this new series of video training.

John Stanford, Palm Desert CA

Eric knows his stuff. And he knows how to teach it. Anyone who has jumped into ArchiCAD cold as I did will fully appreciate the value of his skills as an ArchiCAD training consultant, not mention his very easy to follow tips and tricks articles and videos. Check it out for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Warren Lawson, Calabasas CA

Eric is a master teacher of ArchiCAD. I’ve taken several of his courses because he clearly explains effective techniques for using this powerful program in daily architectural practice. Even though I’ve used ArchiCAD for years, he opens doors to new methods and areas that speed up and improve my work.

Catherine Roha, Berkeley CA

Excellent information. I look forward to your “Best Practices” course. I have a lot to learn. This will be very useful. It will be very important to be able to refer back to the information you present over and over, as time goes on, as needed. I won’t be able to retain or remember everything by seeing it only once.

Gregory Dobrzelewski, Michigan

In my opinion, MasterTemplate was the first breath of inspiring light for the maximum use of ArchiCAD. The Best Practices Course is promising to be the breathtaking revelation of subtly hidden gems that will make our precious and unique ArchiCAD far less daunting. Love your cool, laid back delivery…

Paul Higgs, Australia


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