Course Reviews | 2

Course Reviews | 2

More rave reviews for the ArchiCAD tutorials in the Best Practices Course:

Thank you so much for doing this best practices course. Just reviewing the seven step introduction will save me a lot of work. I did not know that I could set the placement of doors and windows, and know that if the window changed it would still originate from the same position.
I also like the practice of saving a project by date.

Overall very well done as usual.
Thanks Eric.

Albert Van Ee, British Columbia Canada

The 7 keys concept is terrific. It reduces a very comprehensive, and complex, software program into logical (understandable) steps. I found the Week One / Part One video to be an excellent introduction, describing the 7 keys as a series of logical steps to using ArchiCAD in a productive manner.

I particularly like the ability to replay the videos. Every time I re-do them I learn a bit more, and find things that did not actually register in previous sessions; this Sesame Street approach is, for me, helpful. I am looking forward to future lessons, as well as the question & answer sessions.

Earl Applegate, New Bern, North Carolina

Very nice to have these lessons available in my browser or by download. Someone should have come up with this ages ago. For most of us it’s nearly impossible to take even one day off for the classroom environment. Now I can sit up all night honing my ArchiCAD skills instead of resting.

Your Best Practices Course is sure to result in better efficiency leaving me extra energy to do battle with recalcitrant bureaucrats. And for that my clients thank you as well.

Vitus Matare, Los Angeles CA

I appreciate your ability to bridge the gap between computer programmer and architect. Your Best Practices course helps give clear insight on how to have this program work for us as opposed to us working for the program. Thanks again.

Chris Sorensen, Los Angeles CA

I took the course and it has been absolutely fantastic and educational. My skills have been taken to a whole different level. Thank you very much for this Eric.

Charles Hefner, Los Angeles CA

Well done Eric, I have looked at all your material over the last year or so and have to say you are the guy, the guy that rocks. I have waited for this email and have jumped in to sign up straight away, as I do like the way you explain things.

All the tips you have shown in the past are being used in my daily work, and I wouldn’t have had time to discover them myself in a million years.

Chris Sinkinson, United Kingdom

I was one of the 14 who attended the training class in Los Angeles. The class was excellent and helped me understand a number of operations that I was having problems with like Solid Operations, Mesh, Eye Dropper, and many others. I look forward to going back over the online course in the future.

Michael Nolan, Los Angeles CA

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