[August 3, 2011] Two new QuickStart lessons posted

[August 3, 2011] Two new QuickStart lessons posted

Two new QuickStart Course lessons posted

I have completed work on two more lessons in the QuickStart Course, a total of 44 minutes of material.

These lessons focus on the creation of exterior walls and interior partitions based on dimensional information from a drawing (supplied as a PDF). Various measurement input, construction methods, placement and snapping options are demonstrated and discussed.

Both USA and International metric versions are used in these lessons to make it easier for all users to understand and learn the important concepts.

I will be taking the rest of the week off – my wife and I are going to one of our favorite places in the California wine country to relax. I’ll only be able to get online occasionally, so please understand if I do not respond to your emails until Monday.


P.S. As stated in earlier emails, I hope to complete the QuickStart Course in about 2-3 weeks, then resume production of the main Best Practices Course lessons starting with Week #10.

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