[August 17, 2011] Coaching call tomorrow; “what are these coaching calls??”

[August 17, 2011] Coaching call tomorrow; “what are these coaching calls??”

Next coaching call tomorrow (about 20 hours from now);”What are these coaching calls?”

The next coaching call for Best Practices Course coaching calls is tomorrow:


You may send in your questions and topic requests ahead of time to questions@acbestpractices.com, or type them into the questions chat panel during the session.

You may watch sessions on your computer and simply listen through your computer speakers. However, If you’d like to talk with me during the call while I address your questions, please call in via phone (call-in numbers for many countries are provided) or use a headset on your computer – the built-in microphone and speaker often cause feedback issues. If you don’t use a headset regularly, I suggest you test yours out using Skype or a similar service before the coaching call to make sure you have the settings working properly.


The coaching calls are an integral part of your Best Practices Course membership. They are an opportunity to ask questions on how to apply the principles in practice.

Moreover, since the course materials are only partially created, the coaching calls give you a chance to ask questions about topics that will be covered later, without having to wait until that lesson.

It also can be really enjoyable to watch me squirm as I try to answer a difficult question, and then see how I work through the challenges as best I can. Usually, we end up with an elegant, or at least workable solution.

The coaching calls reinforce our sense of community. Since we are all focused on mastering ArchiCAD, it feels good to share the struggles and puzzles, insights and triumphs together.

If you can’t make it “live” to attend the calls, you can watch and listen to the recordings in the member area. It will be well worth your time. One of our members Matt Richman wrote to me yesterday saying:

“I watch the coaching calls almost every night. I never have time during the day to attend the calls, I am always out or at meetings. Keep doing the calls – they are great. That’s is why I am using ArchiCAD today. You make it look so easy. You are truly an expert.”

If you haven’t attended or watched any of the coaching calls yet – I encourage you to do so.


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