[August 14, 2011] 3 more QuickStart lessons!

[August 14, 2011] 3 more QuickStart lessons!

3 more QuickStart Course lessons posted

I have completed and posted an entire new Module of three lessons on Roof Construction in the QuickStart Course, totaling one hour 44 minutes in all.

As usual, while this is intended for use as part of the training program for newer users, it’s likely that even for veterans that there are helpful tips and techniques that may expand your understanding and improve your efficiency. This is particularly true for roof construction, and especially with the new methodology introduced in ArchiCAD 15.

Because roof construction is a particularly complex sequence of steps and relationships, I have written up extensive notes to accompany each of the videos.

Roof construction was originally going to be the final lesson in Module 3. However, I seriously underestimated how much time would be needed to cover the materials. When I found that I had created 104 minutes on this topic, I decided that it made perfect sense to turn this into three manageable pieces that comprised a complete module on roofs.

This means, of course, that the QuickStart Course continues to grow in scope – it will now be at least 7 Modules of 90 minutes or more, perhaps 10 – 12 hours of instruction rather than the 6 hours I originally outlined. I feel it’s better to do a great job on this, than try to cut it down to some arbitrary length.


With regards to the main Best Practices Course, I know that it has been frustrating to see it stuck at Week #9 for the past several months. As I wrote to you earlier, it is much more efficient and less stressful for me to concentrate on one thing and get it done, rather than trying to multi-task too much.

For this reason, as part of my resolution following my recent illness not to overstress myself, I will continue to work on the QuickStart Course this month until it’s done, then will shift gears and work hard on the Best Practices Course lessons. I ask for your understanding and patience, and promise that the wait will be worth it!


The remaining coaching calls this month are scheduled as follows:

OK, I think that’s it for now…

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