[August 12, 2011] Just posted: another QuickStart lesson

[August 12, 2011] Just posted: another QuickStart lesson

Just posted: another QuickStart Course lesson

I have completed and posted one more piece in the QuickStart Course, a 45 minute lesson that focuses on adding a new story to the building with windows and doors, drawing in floors and cutting sections.

Both USA and International metric versions are used to make it easier for all users to understand and learn the important concepts.

As usual, while this is intended for use as part of the training program for newer users, it’s likely that even for veterans that there are helpful tips and techniques that may expand your understanding and improve your efficiency.

One course member wrote to me yesterday thanking me for the course materials in general, and mentioned: “I am surprised at how much I have learnt from the ‘Quickstart’ course…” So when you get a chance, even if you are an experienced user, I suggest that you watch some of the QuickStart lessons.


As mentioned in yesterday’s email, the recording of this week’s coaching call has been posted:

Coaching Call – August 10, 2011

The remaining coaching calls this month are scheduled as follows:


Several course members have emailed me saying that they were unable to connect to recent coaching calls. Each call had 20 or 30 or more users successfully connecting to the online session, so I know the problem isn’t universal. Nevertheless, it has been a real frustration for a number of members so I called Citrix (the provider of GoToWebinar) and asked for technical help to resolve this issue.

Here is a brief summary of what they told me:

If you’re on a Mac:

If you are on OS X 10.6 or earlier, use Safari rather than other browsers.
If you have the new OS X 10.7 Lion, you may need to install Java since Apple didn’t include it with the standard OS install. Please go to http://support.citrixonline.com/GoToMeeting/help_files/GTM130012 and follow the instructions to install Java. It is also recommended (for some reason) to use Firefox rather than Safari…
Sometimes it helps to restart the computer, then try it again.

If you’re on a PC:

Often these sorts of problems can be caused by the Java installation being out of date. Go to www.java.com and run the latest installer to update it.
Sometimes firewalls or other browser security settings may cause issues.

Citrix offers free tech support to everyone, and will happily work with you to make sure you can connect to a GoToWebinar session. Call 800-263-6317 to get some help any time.

If you’ve had a problem connecting recently, I suggest that you contact Citrix ahead of the next coaching call session, to make sure that you won’t have a similar issue next time.

OK, I think that’s it for now…

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