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  1. RafeeHakim
    4 months ago

    I am able to download the Module 1 very quickly but as soon as i tried to download module 2 it keeps failing, my internet it pretty fast so i dont know what is the problem
    can you please give some suggestions

    • Eric Bobrow
      4 months ago

      Rafee –
      I have not heard of any issues with the downloads. Please try again, perhaps from a different browser, or quit and restart your browser, or restart your computer (as a last resort). For additional troubleshooting, it may be useful to see if you can download other modules; this will indicate if it is a problem with a specific module on our site (e.g. module 2) or if your computer or browser might be having more general issues right at the moment. Let me know how it goes. For best support, please email support@bobrow.com.

  2. JonathanMay
    2 years ago

    Hello Eric,

    Is there a time limit that we have access to the course for?

    • Eric Bobrow
      1 year ago

      Jonathan – Your access is permanent – there is no expiration. Enjoy at your own pace!

  3. FranciscoGonzalezMar
    4 years ago

    Hello, where are courses videos in spanish??

    • Eric Bobrow
      4 years ago

      Paco –
      The Spanish course videos are on a separate website: El Curso de las Buenas Prácticas – http://www.acbestpractices.es.
      You should have received a separate email with your login instructions for that website.
      I’ll send you an email with the information to make sure you have it.
      Welcome to the Best Practices Course and El Curso de las Buenas Prácticas!

  4. DavidRayhil
    4 years ago

    Hi Eric,

    By endless trial and error I think I have discovered a strange little quirk of ArchiCAD.

    I was trying to model the vertical cladding for boxed eaves and gable wall lining under a simple gable roof- not a big ask for the program.

    I spent the weekend applying the “Connect- Trim Elements to Roof/ Shell” command- a command of wonderful simplicity normally taking about 30 seconds to execute.

    After countless dummy runs and duplicated models where every variable was tested (roof/ walls on same / different story, different display attributes etc.), it dawned that the successful trim attempts had walls within the Pivot Line envelope and the stubborn refuseniks extended beyond (despite still being wholly under the roof).

    Is this true or is my diagnosis over- complicated?

    Thanks Eric

    • Eric Bobrow
      4 years ago

      David –

      This behavior is a standard part of the way roof elements trim other elements in ArchiCAD 15 and later. You can control whether it uses the pivot line or the contour (overall outline boundary) by selecting the roof or roofs and in the Roof Settings > Model > Trimming Body selecting either Pivot Lines Down (the default) or Contours Down (which will extend the trimming body / volume out to the contour boundaries).

      You can see these trimming bodies in your 3D view by turning them on in the View menu > Onscreen View Options > Trimming Bodies. You’ll see them show up as red translucent shapes under each roof. You may hide them using this same command.